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Why Biotico?

Biotico Health was started by a small team of healthcare professionals tired with the current state of pharmaceutical therapies and their side effects. We had the simple idea to bring innovative products to our customers that will significantly improve their lives; products that would be safe for the whole family.

For the past few years Biotico researchers have been hard at work looking for and testing products from all over the world that can deliver good health and well-being. From the rainforests of the Amazon to the rolling hills of India, Biotico researchers look for remedies that are naturally occurring in nature and can provide a positive health benefit to ourselves, our families and our friends.

Biotico’s team of professionals ensure all our products are safe and effective for everyone.

From the CEO

Over the past few years, Biotico has made significant progress in realizing our vision. The development of OralActiv and Somease is just the first step in a long future of innovative products that we will be bringing to the market. These innovative products will bring much needed relief to customers neglected by pharma and other companies. Looking ahead we see a bright future with millions of potential new customers around the world, thirsty for natural and safe products.

The partnerships we have established with organization to ensure the highest quality products reach our customers has been vital in building he trust with our customers. There is no question that our customers deserve the very best and will always be number one.

It is also a priority of Biotico to take care of the communities where we live and work. In cooperation with our manufacturers and suppliers, we share a commitment to build local businesses. This means utilizing locally made components and engaging with local business for each market.

Our vision is ambitious and we are only just starting our journey; we are committed and will always support our customers and welcome your feedback.

Anil Singh
Chief Executive Officer, Biotico